Visual projection at negative corner with sound

Based on a Poem by J.M. Rumi, Translated by Zahra Partovi

Visual Projection by Naho Taruishi, Sound by Zahra Partovi,

Harp Performance by Alyssa Reit

Produced and published by Vincent FitzGerald & Co., New York.

16 minutes

Sequential installation views-->

Inspired by the poem: Verse 425 Masnavi I, the projection consists of abstract images shifting from an opening gate of light, to a flying bird, to a closing eye on the horizon, and to a veil of light into darkness. The sound of the harp subtly emerges, blending into the tonality of the projected visual narratives. As a whole, this installation articulates a space to be visible, invisible, audible and silent.

Fragments of Light 6

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